the Going Beyond Movement

is here to ignite your authentic self, that which belongs to you most, by reminding you daily who you are at your core. We know that women need connection, soulful storytelling, and daily tools for navigating the bumps in the road to connecting with a more powerful you. The Going Beyond Movement can change lives because what we need feels complex, but the daily steps and support can be simple. We want women to embrace their ideas, their health, their relationships. We want women to understand that it’s in the darkness that we excavate our light. We want you to know that wherever you are on your journey is okay.

We also want you to know that your voice matters- especially now. The planet needs healing and connection and empowered women are the key to the reality that so many of us seek. Despite generational programming by patriarchy, despite years of role-playing and second guessing ourselves, stepping into our voice, into our personal actualization is exactly what is needed for our personal satisfaction and for the elevation of humanity. This kind of power, despite how challenging it can feel to attain it, belongs to us fully and completely.

Our bodies, our purpose personally and professionally, the relationships we want to have- these are the gems that live deeply in our heart and sit waiting in the palm of our hands. This is what is rightfully ours.

We must now rise into our potential not as women pretending to be men, but as women leading as women do: with heart, intuition, and a strong empowered voice. Our world needs a space where women can incorporate their gifts for empathy and intuition. But so many women struggle to fully welcome this power into their homes, their organizations, their own heart and minds. So we must start one person at a time, one light at a time….

Understand that opening up to your own magic, in connection with others on a similar journey, is where the bigger work begins. And that work can change the world.


A veil has been lifted: systemic racism, institutional patriarchy, and the pain all of these mindsets have caused is no longer a secret, no longer an undercurrent. So why does your work matter now?

At a time when women technically have access to diverse opportunities both personally and professionally, it’s still all too common for women to feel disempowered, shut down, unclear if they have the right to use their voice and their power. How do we freely open up, lead our families and our organizations, and rise into our potential not as women pretending to be men, but as women leading as women do- with heart, intuition, and a strong empowered voice.

This work matters because, without it, we will quite frankly, stay put. Stay in the same cycles and patterns which have kept women and minorities in the same place. This work matters for your own next level output and those results radiate progress felt around the world.