I'm Randi Zinn

I’m the founder and CEO of Beyond Mom, the Going Beyond Movement, and The Woman of Abundance Mentorship Program. I’m also a mother, an entrepreneur, a mentor, a podcaster and an author.

Despite having inherited the assets and businesses that belonged to my late father in 2005 and started up my own entrepreneurial ventures to great success, I’ve come to realize that abundance is a mindset and it has nothing to do with what’s in the bank. 

Most of us spend our entire lives in a cycle of lack, negativity, and unworthiness. The traumas and losses of our lives hold us hostage and we don’t give ourselves the time and support to understand how those painful experiences are in fact the greatest gifts we have. 

Does that sound counterintuitive to you? 

It did to me, until I leaned IN to the pain, into what had told me I wasn’t strong enough, smart enough, bold enough. I asked myself why I didn’t trust my voice and hadn’t stepped fully into what was rightfully mine. The answer glared back at me: I had been shaped by a society and a set of circumstances that had kept me small but my spirit was beckoning me to cut that cord, to tell my own story, and yes… to help other women do the same. 

Since this profound shift in my own life, I’ve blended my passion for the healing arts and health and wellness with everything I’ve learned about what it takes to step into an ABUNDANT LIFE as a powerful, unapologetic, magnetic woman… it’s who each of us really is… we just need the guidance, the support, the love, and the tools to claim it.


This is my story as much as it is yours.

It’s my life’s mission to support women in the transformative process of creating our own revolution…

As I raise my children, dance, write, walk my dog, and travel, I continue to create my work from the very place I’m asked to grow into.

My hope is that by exploring my program and working with me, you will have the chance to do the same: to express the love and joy of your life, all while creating the work that nudging voice deep within is asking you to.