The Going Beyond community brings together creators, authors, and industry leaders with women who are naturally seekers of growth and alignment. We gather in real-time and online, expressing the ways in which we can cultivate a meaningful and ever-evolving personal and professional life.

The Going Beyond platform and its’ content grants permission to step in, step up, and enter a curious dialogue with yourself, without settling, without accepting the story as its been told to this point. 

We use our platform to Go Beyond and here’s how we do it….

Have you ever thought of launching your own platform? Creating your own podcast? YouTube channel?  Or is there a movement you want to start in order to spread a message close to your heart or necessary for the planet at large? The Going Beyond founder Randi Zinn now offers a 1:1 mentorship program for women like you to help you define your next level vision, to begin building your platform, and to get your story seen and heard. Because its work that you love and it’s time to share that work with the world. For more information and to book Vision Mapping call with Randi click here.

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Our social media feed is a daily source of inspiration to our community providing positivity, tips and tools, and often very personal contemplations that help our following open up. From IG stories, IG Lives, Facebook lives, and our beloved newsletter, we’re constantly feeding our community thought-provoking content, needed encouragement, and tools and resources we believe in.

The Going Beyond Podcast offers weekly episodes that go to the heart of the most pressing life contemplations for our community of seekers. We interview women from all walks of life who have risen beyond their circumstances, launched businesses of purpose, and are committed to the betterment of people: mind, body and soul. This podcast is honest, current, and focused on creating the kinds of conversation that moves the cultural needle, and encourages women to move beyond the roles they play,  their personal story and the current state of the world.

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Randi has long been a contributor to major media outlets and frequently writes about motherhood, wellness, personal development, entrepreneurship and social justice. She also speaks at conferences, events, and panels expressing the mission of Going Beyond as much as possible.

Whether expert panel discussions, live podcast recordings, and experiential gatherings, these events bring tangible moments of connection and allow the brands we believe in to land into the hands of our community. Our panel discussions include insightful explorations of motherhood, mindfulness, health, entrepreneurship and social justice, all curated through our vast network of powerful women. We have hosted events in partnership with Deepak Chopra Homebase, Barre3, Physique 57, Kendra Scott Jewelry, Soul Cycle, Athleta and more.

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The Going Beyond team curates retreats for women seeking an experience of reflection, introspection and connection as they contemplate a life that is beyond their daily expectations and habits. Yoga, Discussions, Meditations, Nature and guest lecturers, these retreats have been impacting our community since 2012.