Only a year and a half ago, I didn’t even know you existed…

You, the person I text with endlessly… bringing comfort and humor to each day; you, the first person I call when my kids are running a fever or having a tantrum of epic proportions; you, the one who will meet me at the drop of a hat to have a glass of wine, (or lets be honest…four) in our neighborhood (to take that mommy stress edge off, which we all know too well). You, understanding all of this more than anyone I could have imagined. I wish there was a more esteemed title for you, so that I could let you know how much you truly mean to me. “Mom friend” sounds insignificant when you are such a pivotal part of my life.

Truthfully, I didn’t expect to have such a connection with a new friend, and definitely not this soon. Our connection is thankfully as strong as the one that I share with friends I’ve known for years. In fact, it hasn’t been since college, entering into a new chapter, needing support like I do now, but for different reasons, that I bonded this quickly with a new friend. When I was younger, my friends saw me at my best and my worst and we have grown up together.

They are my gold since they know me better than anyone. You, are my silver. Somehow, in only a year, you understand the entirety of my personality and you prove daily that I can lean on you in the good and bad times. We navigate through this wild ride of being a mom together; we laugh, cry, panic, prevail and enjoy this incredible experience that is often surprising and always rewarding.

Yoga, long walks, birthday parties, pick up and drop off, lunches on those days when I can’t find the time or energy to put myself together, you’re there. We understand each other in a way that our other friends don’t, because our children are also friends, and because we are experiencing together a unique and special time and place in our lives that will never be replaced and will forever be imprinted in our memories.

I confess, I refer to you as my “mom friend” but please know that you are so much more….you are my beyond mom friend; an amazing mother that I respect, a friend that I adore, and an irreplaceable and important part of my life.

Azizah Rowen is an actress, producer and co-founder of ankinrowen productions, a New York based company dedicated to bringing hip, provocative and poignant work to the stage and screen. This creative spirit gracefully balances motherhood and her identity as an artist every day.