How to Activate your Mind, Body & Business After Baby


Do you struggle to find inner peace during such a fast paced time of your life? Do you have an idea that comes from the core of who you are but not a clue how to make it a reality? This book will not only validate these kinds of questions but will provide real life tools that are tangible and manageable for any woman re-establishing her identity after having a baby. Randi has spent years interviewing, networking, and collaborating with women of every type – this book takes all that knowledge and gives it, with love to her readers.

Randi provides the guidance & the tools women need to find their strength, body and mind, thus laying the integral foundations to bring entrepreneurial ideas to fruition. Her distinct approach is as practically accessible as it is holistic – a former yoga teacher who also possesses a decade of experience as an acting CEO, she knows that personal well-being is critically connected to any thriving business venture.

Because the first step to personal wellness and idea growth begins with you.

In addition each chapter features an interview from Randi’s network of celebrity moms, successful business- women and clients, like the bestselling author and coach Alexandra Jamieson, renowned psychotherapist Terri Cole, intenSati founder Patricia Moreno, and author/anthropologist Wednesday Martin. Honest, smart, and relatable, Randi provides wisdom and encouragement to build entrepreneurs (who are also moms) from deep within!



Founder of Body Conceptions

Randi provides an important voice and support system for women looking to maintain their unique identities "Beyond Mom." I have always been very impressed by the depth and thoughtfulness she brings to every part of her own life. And as a fitness professional, I am especially impressed by her commitment to health and wellness as one of the central pillars of her work. All mothers need more people like Randi in their lives!!


Founder of Momtrends.com

It is wonderful as a mom and entrepreneur to have this community. Randi Zinn has done a great job of bringing together women who want to help other women and this is really empowering. Since becoming a mother I have realized how important community is and especially a community of women who are finding ways to balance work and life. I love Randi's approach, her voice and her unique way of speaking to the real challenges we mothers all face. I can't wait for this book to come out!


Assistant Professor of History, author & Podcast Host

For years, Randi Zinn has been thoughtfully building an exciting and inspired community of women who have decided that while motherhood is central to their lives, it does not define them. Randi's community inspires rich conversations about the meaning of motherhood, work, and womanhood in the 21st century. This book project is promising in that it will both capture these otherwise ephemeral conversations on paper and spark new such exchanges among women far beyond New York City.


Author of the Joy of Family Rituals

Randi has brilliantly created a resource for what all working mothers know: You can’t do it alone! She has brought together an amazing community of moms with experts to guide them on the journey to wholeness and success. I wish I could have experienced this when my son was growing up.


Co-founder of Well-Rounded NY

It's easy to think that being a mom requires you to be that and only that. Moms, have interests, passions, businesses...lives. The concept of Beyond Mom exemplifies that and Randi is the ultimate connector for these moms.