Farmer’s Market Picnic by teeny tiny foodie

Take advantage of the last few weeks of warm weather with a delicious family picnic. Jory of teeny tiny foodie is sharing an exquisite seasonal picnic of shaved pear and kale salad, carrot and cucumber slices with yogurt dip, Farro and blueberries. Take a bite out of this farmer’s market delight! 

My family and I recently relocated from the busy, bustling streets of Brooklyn to the quiet town of Larchmont in Westchester County. It’s been quite an adjustment to say the least! While many things in our life have changed, one thing this Beyond Mom loves is that our proximity to farmer’s markets and the bounty of delicious fruits and vegetables hasn’t. Cooking is really what’s helping me claim this space as my own and in the midst of many things that feel “new,” I’ve been reconnecting with me through some of my all time favorite summer recipes. Taking advantage of our lawn, my daughter Eliana and I spread out a blanket , grabbed a few of her “buddies”, made some delicious seasonal eats and had a farmers market picnic for dinner. We’re certainly treasuring the last days of summer!

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For our picnic, I put together a few recipes using fruits and vegetables available at our local farmer’s market. I made us a Shaved Pear and Kale Salad, Carrot Coins and Cucumber Boats with Slimy Yogurt Dip, Famers Market Farro and blueberries for dessert.

Typically, I make this kale salad with an apple instead of a pear but you can use either one. You want to make the dressing first so the flavors have time to hang out and meld together. You can make the dressing a few days in advance. Just refrigerate it and stir or shake it well before you dress your salad. If you’re packing your salad to go, bring the dressing in a separate container and dress it just prior to eating.

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I’ve discovered that giving veggies a fun name can be a winning way to convince a toddler or small kid  to try them. Carrot Coins are a fancy name for skinny carrot discs that I slice either using my mandoline or a super sharp knife. Cucumber Boats are a name Eliana came up with because the shape of the sliced vegetable reminds her of a boat. Slimy Yogurt? That’s another name that Eliana came up with. I’m thinking she was looking for the word “tangy” since this Greek yogurt dip gets an extra zing of flavor from lime juice but, really, who knows what goes on in the mind of a small person? This mini vegetable crudité was extra fun since we found tricolor carrots at the market. But any carrot-or veggie your family enjoys will do.

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Slimy Yogurt Dip


 ½ cup plain Greek yogurt

½ teaspoon salt

½ teaspoon garlic powder

A small pinch of pepper

Juice of ½ lime


Whisk all ingredients together in a bowl. Taste and adjust seasonings as desired.

Farro is one of my family’s favorite grains. It’s a delicious whole grain that’s packed with protein and fiber. It has as a chewy texture, a slightly nutty flavor and you can use it in place of pasta or rice. Farmers Market Farro is a recipe that really highlights summer veggies. I used carrots, corn, tomatoes and kale for this batch but you can swap these veggies for any your family prefers. This dish is scrumptious either hot or cold. If you’re going to enjoy it cold like we did, you should cool the farro by spreading it out onto a baking sheet and putting it into the fridge for 30-60 minutes before adding it to the vegetables.

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If you’re not sure where your closest farmers market is located, check here to find one near you. Then get shopping, cooking and picnicking! Enjoy the remaining days of warm weather and fresh summer produce with your family!