Four Ways to Improve Your Productivity

We live in a society that champions hard workers, so much so, that “hard work” often gets defined as keeping our heads down, grinding until our eyes start to close, and starting the same process all over again the next morning, all the while putting any “me time” on the shelf. This reality has become especially true since March, when COVID-19 forced companies to work virtually from home, inevitably causing work to bleed into the personal and family lives of millions of Americans.

On this week’s Going Beyond Podcast episode, I’m joined by Julie Wald, a true pioneer in the corporate wellness industry and founder of Namaste Wellness, who opened my eyes to a simple concept that I want to share with you.  The real secret to reaching success and productivity in the work we do each day, and establishing better working relationships even virtually, is by putting more emphasis on our own basic needs as humans: (1) Movement, (2) Stillness, (3) Connection and (4) Nourishment. Incorporating these four pillars into our everyday routine is essential to keeping us both grounded and productive, especially amid unprecedented stress the pandemic has caused.

Here are some small and simple ways you can begin to incorporate these four pillars into your daily routine. They’ve helped me personally, and I believe they can help you too:

  • Movement – Movement is a great way to increase energy and take your focus off your to-do list. When we move, our ideas become fluid, and it even opens the door for deeper creative thinking. Take a walk down the street, sign up for a virtual yoga class, or stretch on your living room floor.
  • Stillness – When your mind begins to race, taking a break to simply close your eyes and breathe can be immensely helpful, even just for five minutes. If you have trouble breathing on your own, the Calm app’s guided meditations are a great place to start.
  • Connection – As a human race, we’re naturally social, but it’s difficult to connect with others in this virtual environment. That doesn’t make it any less important. Reach out to trusted friends for a quick chat, tune into a virtual event with inspiring women, or grab your kids or partner for a hug.
  • Nourishment – Our bodies need fuel to perform at our best, but so do our minds. Eat well and drink plenty of water, but also fuel your emotional health with an inspiring podcast, a compelling book, or an interesting documentary you’ve been meaning to try.

To learn more about how you can incorporate these four pillars into your daily routine, listen to my eye-opening and enlightening conversation with Julie Wald on this week’s episode of the Going Beyond Podcast. In addition to her valuable insights, she also shares her incredible journey in the corporate wellness industry and how far the industry has come since she began Namaste Wellness in the aftermath of 9/11. Click the link below or listen on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, or GooglePlay!

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