How to Raise Global Children Amid A Global Pandemic

With kids learning in a full or partial virtual environment, and with international travel restrictions still in place, children don’t have the opportunity to interact with other kids, or teachers and coaches from different cultures leaving their understanding of what’s ‘normal’ to whatever they see within the walls of their home. And let’s face it, has anyone’s home resembled anything close to ‘normal’ since March?

This week on The Going Beyond Podcast, my guest Dr. Zabina Bhasin, mom of two and children’s psychiatrist turned culture and diversity educator, inspired me to realize that not all is lost and that in fact, there is so much we can do as parents to teach our kids about what is beyond our own bubble.

Dr. Zabina is the founder of In KidZ, a monthly subscription box that teaches children about the world’s cultures to become global citizens. Believe it or not, In KidZ was inspired by her mother. Indian and Sikh herself, Dr. Zabina was constantly bullied for the cultural and religious differences that set her apart from her classmates. Rather than getting angry, her mother decided it was time for her daughter’s classmates to learn about their culture and what makes it similar to that of their own. Every year from then on, she made it her mission to visit the school and teach them just that.

Fast-forward to today, and Dr. Zabina has taken her mother’s example, her own experience as a mother, and her former career in children’s psychiatry to create In KidZ through which she hopes to shape young generations and create a more inclusive world where a multicultural society is the norm and judgement is a thing of the past.

The point is, a little goes a long way, and that was Dr. Zabina’s goal in creating In KidZ. Here are some of my suggestions to widen our horizons, expand our connection to other cultures, and move beyond the walls of our home.

  1. Educate yourself first. We already have a lot on our plates, but we have to remember that children mimic our every move, especially now that they’re home much more often! If we first practice compassion in addition to teaching ourselves about other cultures, our children have a better chance at becoming global citizens.
  2. Try cooking from different cultures! Flavors, spices, and styles of cooking inspire great conversation with kids. Get them involved and discover together where certain ingredients came from, which cultures enjoy this food most and why, etc.
  3. Sign up for your own In KidZ subscription! Dr. Zabina is offering a 20% discount (use code GBM20) to my readers and listeners! Each box is curated by a parent ambassador who hails from the country or culture of the month and filled with interactive educational materials, activities and games, recipe cards, flags, and more. Click HERE to sign up!

To learn more, listen to my full conversation with Dr. Zabina on this week’s episode of The Going Beyond Podcast in the link below or on your preferred podcast platform!


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