Increasing Productivity Starts With Reclaiming Your Authenticity. Here’s How

As a female entrepreneur, I’m always analyzing what stands in the way between women and their success, and this week’s podcast episode opened my eyes to a common roadblock that is simple and yet so complex: female standards of perfectionism.

This week I was joined by Chrissy King, strength-training coach turned anti-racism, diversity and inclusion coach, who focuses on helping women break through these three female ideologies:

  1. Ideal standards of beauty and body image
  2. Perfectionism when talking about and demonstrating diversity and inclusivity in the workplace
  3. Trying to fit into a workplace that wasn’t designed with you in mind – virtual or not.

While all three of these ideologies may not seem related on the surface, they’re the same in one clear way: they both hold us back from our true authentic selves and stifle our purpose.

This understanding got me thinking – how can we women be productive and therefore reach success if we’re constantly trying to fit standards that are impossible? If we’re so concerned with appearing a certain way, saying exactly the right things to avoid conflict, and trying to fit into a mold that doesn’t suit us, how will we ever find our authentic voice or natural flow of creativity and productivity? Just think about how much more we could accomplish if we worked to overcome these impossible standards!

Here are a few important actions I believe we must take as curious women seeking more authenticity and better productivity:

  1. Focus More On Liberation And Less On Perfectionism. Fixating on what a broken system tells us who and what we should be slows our pathway to success. Break free and unleash the leader you’re born to be by really understanding what it is you need to let go of to find your complete authenticity. Is it losing that extra pound? Is it fear of failure?
  2. Not Only Learn To Be Anti-Racist, But More Human. Chrissy said she’s seen a lot of companies continue to create spaces that are clearly not designed with everyone – both white people and people of color – in mind. We must come from a place of humanity and understand why so many feel excluded and offended. On the other end of the coin, I believe that we white women in particular need to get better at having tough conversations about race in order to truly become anti-racist. Tip-toeing around race will lead us nowhere. This work doesn’t happen overnight but we can get there.
  3. Create A New Meaning Of Productivity. Productivity is a very male concept, isn’t it? We’re taught to pound the pavement and work extra hours to prove you’re deserving of your title. It doesn’t have to be like this! Let’s push past this ideal and think of reaching productivity by having more conversations, doing more listening, and potentially even getting vulnerable.

Curious to hear more about breaking female ideologies to reach your fullest potential? Listen to my full conversation with Chrissy on The Going Beyond Podcast for even more insight, guidance and inspiration from a true expert. Click the link below or head over to your preferred podcast platform!


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