Woman Of Abundance


A Woman of Abundance- A Mentorship Program

An exclusive MENTORSHIP program for women looking to alchemize their stories to build a wildly purposeful and profitable business and attract everything they want in life!

Welcome to the Woman of Abundance mentorship program! This is a life-changing pathway for those looking to take their pain, their experiences, their ideas, and their power and alchemize them into their future gold.

Paradigms are shifting and the divine feminine is rising- so many of us are feeling the pull to elevate our expression as a human and a creatrix.

This program on the individual and the collective level,  is designed to support you as you ascend.

Curious if it’s meant for you?

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  • Share your story and help others?
  • Ditch the cycle that has perpetuated the negative messaging of your traumas and pain?
  • Make the money that you know you’re worth from a place of deep personal service?
  • Remove the labels that others or society have placed upon you and be WHO YOU REALLY ARE?
  • Finally turn the magic that’s brewing inside of you into purposeful gold?


  • Every decision you make comes from a deep knowing of who you are and what’s best for you, and feeling safe, grounded, and powerful in that knowing.
  • Your relationship dynamics are electric, nourishing, supportive, and inspiring! Communication is clear. Connection is easy, and you delight in being surrounded by people who champion your purpose.
  • Your creativity is flowing out into reality through your work, business, and network. Synergy and synchronicities are EVERYWHERE and support your exponential growth in all areas of your life!
  • You receive recognition and compliments with deep pleasure, ease, and an “of course!” reaction as you fully understand the value of your gifts, vision, mission, purpose, and how they are expressed in the world.
Are you DONE playing small?


The Woman of Abundance Mentorship Program will take you on 3 phases of awakening your abundance over a 90 day journey.

PHASE #1: WHY ME? Beyond labels and into liberation.
PHASE #2: WHY THIS AND WHY NOW? Beyond vision and into reality.
PHASE #3: HOW DO I BUILD MY DREAM? Embodying tangible reality at a new frequency.

A Woman of Abundance can be experienced virtually in a one on one program or in a small group setting.

1:1 Woman of Abundance Program: You and Randi will gear this program towards your unique goals both personally and professionally. Deep attention will be spent on your emotional reality and past experiences as they relate to the ideas you are nurturing. Randi will carve a specific direction catered specifically to you and your path towards growth and abundance. More information is available upon booking a discovery call with Randi.

Women of Abundance Group Program March 2022: The group experience is designed to create a supportive community and inspiration around women who are all creating from a place of purpose and who are looking to achieve abundance and make their ultimate visions come true. More information is available upon booking a discovery call with Randi.


Randi Zinn is known as the founder of the Going Beyond Podcast, the Going Beyond movement and the author of Going Beyond Mom

She has been commended for creating a brand from a very heartfelt and authentic space, for her strong community on and offline and for her successful events and retreats served to bring women together to heal, grow and thrive. 

Even more than that, Randi is a survivor, female CEO/leader, mother, and empath who has navigated major losses and responsibilities  that were thrown to her at a young age. She has done exactly what she mentors- she turned her pain and challenges into thriving opportunities for herself and for her community. Through her years of healing and learning she has come out the other side with a deep understanding of what it means to live an abundant life as a woman.

Mentorship, or witnessing, advising, and guiding women, is something Randi has been doing for years. Randi is a connector and so this work is an extension of her natural inclinations.

Are you ready to take the next step? 

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Fill out our intake form (our way to begin getting to know you and getting clear on what your needs are). From there, we will send you a link to set up a 30 minute call to determine if we’re a fit to work together. We can work with you wherever you are! Zoom is our friend. We offer three session and six session packages.

We want to get your ideas going and watch you fly so we purposely tune into your ideas, how to step toward crystal clear actions, the right connections and inspirations, and making sure you’re taking excellent care of yourself as you turn your vision up a notch.


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Randi is a powerhouse of cultivation and catalyst for those who are wanting to go beyond in their lives. When my mom and I came to her with our business idea for the mentorship program, she guided us to dive so much deeper into the WHY behind what we were creating. Through Randi’s extensive experience and expertise, she has given us strategy to launch the business of our dreams – guiding us to also define all of the what, who, where and how’s. Not only does she give much focus to her mentees, she also takes into account how the mentees vision connects with current times and societal issues to be solved. The level of detail and love Randi infuses into her mentorship program exceeds anything we have experienced before from a mentor. Randi is the ultimate “go for your dreams – and have an impact on the world while you do it” guru.

life. changing. magic

When I met Randi and interviewed her for my podcast I immediately knew I wanted to work with her. The way she was so engaging, caring and knowledgeable; it felt right. The interesting thing is I was looking to build a community of people that would help me succeed in my business and I knew she was the missing piece. I thought we would hit the ground running talking about my business, but surprisingly we talked so much about the personal things in my life that had become a barrier to my success in my business. She had tapped into my grief which was keeping me stuck. I truly appreciate the relationship we have built and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

engaging. caring. knowledgeable
Ednesha Salsbury

Randi has been a joy to work with as our mentor for our project, “The Sacred Wound”. After four meetings with Randi, Meredith and I were able to consolidate all of her recommendations and come up with a concise game plan for our business. Randi has been our cheerleader from the very beginning, believing in us and our mission to help others navigate through pain and grief.

Randi has been our cheerleader from the very beginning
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