“No Longer, Not Yet” Is The New “Unprecedented” for Entrepreneurs – Here’s Why

The word “unprecedented” keeps getting tossed around to describe the ongoing events of our new normal, but this week, I had the pleasure of speaking with Astrologer and Coach Jennifer Racioppi who gave me a completely different outlook on 2020, and a different phrase that I think describes it even better: “no longer, not yet”.

In her work, Jenn helps others understand the cosmic relationship between the planets and stars and how they mirror the yearly events that happen to us both individually and collectively on Earth; 2020 is no exception. She explained to me that the chaos this year has brought is actually no coincidence, and an important but radical transformation period, a period that she describes as “no longer” (as in no longer where we were) and “no yet” (as in not yet where we’re going).

You might be asking yourself how astrology relates to the workforce, but to me, this concept of “no longer, not yet” certainly does. Some of us are working through the “no longer” of working in an office setting and the “not yet” of fully mastering our new work-from-home environment. Others are grappling with the “no longer” of their old jobs and the “not yet” of finding a new one. It’s exhausting, defeating, and emotionally debilitating.

But, in my opinion, there is one group of people who truly feel the heavy weight of “no longer, not yet” more than any other, and it’s entrepreneurs. I can tell you that from an entrepreneurial standpoint, we truly are the captain of our own ship now more than ever, making decisions for the future of our business blindly and with no clear cut direction of whether our decisions will result in a positive or negative outcome. You can argue that this could be true even in pre-pandemic times, but there is something radically different about the time that we’re in. No one can say “I’ve been there, let me tell you the lessons I’ve learned so you don’t make the same mistakes I did,” or “Here’s a guide of what you should and should not do for your business in a pandemic.” Imagine if there were a guidebook like that? One can dream.

The point is, we’re all working to tailor our messaging, our product offering, and our entire business model blindly with no frame of reference for perhaps the first time ever. Frankly, it’s frightening, but it can also be incredibly empowering if we do think of this chaotic period as a time of growth – a time between the “no longer” (where we were) and the “not yet” (where we’re going) rather than “unprecedented”.

I think that planning for your business’ future requires coming to terms with this concept of “no longer, not yet” because it helps us realize what we can’t control. We can, however, control simple things, including:

  1. Research Your Industry. While there’s not a ton out there, you still want to make sure you are well informed of your industry, where it might be going, and any pandemic trends that have been found to date.
  2. Network and Observe Others. Talk to and observe those who are in your industry to see which direction they are going in. Every entrepreneur is trying to keep their business afloat just as you are. See how others can inspire you.
  3. Honing in on Your Intuition. While listening to others can be beneficial, you want to find a healthy balance between absorbing others’ opinions and tapping into your own intuition. Think about what you believe is good for your business, how you envision the future of your business, and the best of what you as an entrepreneur have to offer.
  4. Breathing. This is a simple one, but I believe that by breathing and meditating on what you believe to be true in the moment can tell you all you need to know.
  5. Remember, We’re All in the Same Boat. Gently remind yourself that you’re not the only one navigating through uncharted territory, everyone is. None of us has the answers, so it’s OK to feel uncertain and uncomfortable.

For more on the concept of “no longer, not yet” and fascinating facts on the astrology of 2020 and a peak into 2021, listen to this week’s episode of The Going Beyond Podcast with Jenn Racioppi in the link below or on your preferred podcast platform!



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