Overcoming Adversity- How to Navigate Tough Times and Use it for Growth

Adversity, a common thread in the human experience. Grief, loss, trauma, change-adversity is an inevitable part of each and every one of our lives. Unfortunately, we don’t have much of a choice in the matter, and often there is nothing we can do but work through it. Learning to deal with it, process it, navigate it can feel overwhelming but let me remind you of a few things:

You are resilient. 

You have the ability to see the light through challenging moments. 

Adversities are part of our path forward.

Adversity has the potential to fuel our work, ideas, and vision. It molds us into who we are becoming. And often the most powerful programs and products have been born out of tough times. The key to overcoming adversity and using it for future good,  is to build the foundation that will carry you through these hard times. I want to share some tips with you that I have used while managing my own tough times to navigate the hurt, sadness, and confusion that we will all unavoidably face.

1) Have your tools already in flow. If you have systems set in place when you’re not managing adversity, you won’t be totally thrown off when it happens. For me, movement is vital. Making soulful movement, such as yoga, walking, or other exercise a regular part of my schedule becomes crucial when the unexpected happens. Our mind and body are connected so if we can move our body, our thinking and emotions can also remain fluid. Routine keeps us rooted when everything around us is falling apart. Another example of an important tool could be meditation, breath work, journaling, and other practices that help us center ourselves and reminds us that we are whole and alive!

2) Have books and authors to recommend and turn back to. Throughout the course of our lives, we come across books and authors that resonate and speak to us. These works are a great resource to turn back to when we are facing challenging times, to remind ourselves of the truths we may have forgotten or may apply more deeply to our lives because of the challenges we are facing. Pro tip: finding content specifically around grief and loss that you connect with ahead of time can really help you compartmentalize and process adversity once the real-life application hits.


3) Have your community of trusted ones. We might not need them all the time, but having things like therapists, massage therapists, and acupuncturists in our lives means that we have people we know we can come to when we’re in a vulnerable or uncertain space. Having a safe place to release our stress and process trauma can be the difference between sinking and swimming in the face of hardship. Never underestimate the power of these trusted relationships.

People who have successfully overcome adversity and transformed their challenges into gold,  did so because of the foundation they built before challenges came their way. You are amazing, resilient, and have the power to use adversity as a launchpad for forward positive motion in your life! 

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