Live Woman of Abundance Group Mentorship Program


The Woman of Abundance Group Mentorship Program is a 6-month hybrid experience made of digital teaching and content plus live community connection and support.

Payment Options
  • 2 Installments now and in 6 weeks
    • 2 Installments now and in 6 weeks $1,500.00



Led by Randi LIVE, this is a 3-month virtual community-based experience, created to connect, teach and support women as they harness their stories and develop their ideas.

You will be led on a journey to ditch the cycles of confusion and self-sabotage in exchange for clarity, confidence and action.

The Woman of Abundance Curriculum includes:

PHASE #1 : From Wounded Woman to Wise Woman  

Return to your past to rewire your beliefs so you can liberate your true power, purpose, and prosperity to create a future that’s worthy of you. 

PHASE #2: From Scattered Sister to Soulful Strategy  

Map out the nuts and bolts of your idea and precisely name its place and position in the world as a business. 

PHASE #3: Actualize Your Vision to Move into the Real World

Bring your vision to life and begin to express your message, while determining associated resources, timelines, and tools for action.


Welcome to your journey. It’s going to be an Abundant one!


With Love and Abundance,