Rebuilding Colleague Connections In A Digital World

It seems the longer we’re all living through this pandemic, the harder it is to remember life before it.  The thought of working all day in an office with desks so close, knowing exactly what everyone around you was having for lunch, and then all gathering your things at the end of the day to head, to a bar…indoors…without a mask? It’s almost unthinkable!

While I know so many of us are missing the fun times and memories of happy hours and inside jokes, it’s the personal connection I think we all miss most.  The bonds we make with our co-workers are really tough to replicate in any other setting.  Try to think of one other scenario where someone enters your life as a stranger, develops into an acquaintance and before you know it, becomes a true friend.  Despite our best efforts with Zoom happy hours and sidebar calls, we’ve lost a bit of that connection, and while we’re all stuck working from our couches or kitchen tables, it’s hard to find anything to fill the void.

Beyond the friendships, professional development is definitely suffering.  Some of my most informative moments came when I asked my mentor if I could run something by them after a meeting.  It was in these brief moments of teaching that so many gained valuable lessons that may otherwise never have been realized.

I guess it all boils down to having someone you feel comfortable talking to, someone who will simply listen without judgement.  It’s amazing but for so many reasons, the people that so often fill these rolls are the people we used to sit next to for 40+ hours each week.

This week’s episode is a live event recording from a wellness event I attended earlier this month.  With the understanding that everyone has a story to tell, and for so many of us right now, no outlet to share it, I wanted to recreate the connection we’ve all been missing in our virtual day to day. My goal was simply to give these ten women the space to sit down one-on-one, and open up about what they have endured these past several months.

Every woman has a story to tell, and while this particular group of women has roofs over their heads, food to eat, and loved ones to lean on, I hope you are able to gain from compassionately listening to their experiences.  Many have been feeling deep anxiety, grief, and worry.  Some have found unique modes of success and many have had failures.

I opened the door for them to share because I know that storytelling is therapeutic, but I also know that listening to others’ stories is a powerful wellness tool in and of itself, which is why I’m so excited to bring this episode to all of you. I also hope this episode helps you feel more connected and inspires you to share your own authentic story.

To listen to their stories, click the link below or search for The Going Beyond Podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, or GooglePlay!


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