Surrounding Yourself With People Who Push You To Go Beyond Your Limits

Surrounding yourself with a powerhouse community of people, people who inspire you, get real with you, and push you Beyond your limits, is the smartest business decision you can ever make. Let me explain.

I launched a new brand this month called The Going Beyond Movement, and I’ll be honest, starting this new venture in the midst of a pandemic was no easy feat, not to mention working while simultaneously caring for my two young kids at home. One minute I’m recording the next episode of my podcast, setting up my next virtual event, or brainstorming untapped topics I have yet to explore and share with the world; the next minute I’m sending my kids to school, helping them with homework, or tucking them in at night.

While this may sound overwhelming (and sometimes it was), here’s what I know to be true. The work I put into creating The Going Beyond Movement – a community built to connect with and inspire women to tap into their most authentic selves – would never have been possible without the relentless support of the powerful women in MY life. It is because of the strong network I’ve built, from the fellow female entrepreneurs and experts who I’m honored to interview on my podcast, to the women I call my mentors, to the mental and emotional health, marketing and branding, and business-building professionals, that I have not only kept my head above water, but stayed motivated to Go Beyond to a place of creativity and focus that I’ve never been to before. It is the connections with these women that have kept me grounded in a year that many likely view as chaotic.

If there’s anything I’d like you to take away from this, it’s this: the work you put into any new venture can never happen alone. If you think it does, I urge you to change your frame of mind. A strong, passionate, network that encourages you to Go Beyond your personal limits every day will help you to get your vision over the finish line. You may not have all the time in the world to talk to and tap into your network (who does?) but even something as simple as creating a text chain with your trusted crew, scheduling a weekly 20 minute chat with your mentor, taking a hike with your best friend who makes you laugh can make a difference. All these small doses of strong female energy and perspective are what carry me through as I continue to create my vision despite the roadblocks that can get in the way.

My conversation this week with my dear friend and international yoga and meditation instructor Faith Hunter really reminded me of this truth. I was lucky to meet Faith 20 years ago when she taught me the power of movement, breath, community, and music as a tool to harness my best self. She showed me what it means to climb the ranks as a female entrepreneur despite cultural and societal limitations. She’s also reminded me that the authentic connection between women is gold, no matter how much time has passed between catching up.

Check out this week’s new episode (out today!) as Faith and I reconnect to reminisce on our 20-year friendship, relive the moment she became only the 2nd woman of color to land a spot on the cover of Yoga Journal, and discuss her journey in the yoga industry, the creation of Spiritually Fly, and Going Beyond race in the wellness industry. Click the link below or listen on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, or GooglePlay!


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