The Feminine Paradigm of Productivity: How to Go From Burnout to Ease

“Balance” is not a sexy word these days. The patriarchal war cry of our society is “Hustle, grind, go. It doesn’t matter if it hurts. It doesn’t matter if the work consumes your life. Your worth is thoroughly tied to your ability to perform.”

I’m here to debunk this myth. The myth of the “do do do”. The myth that our greatest productivity only stems from the kind of extreme effort that causes burnout. 

Not only is our worth not tied to our work, but this non-stop/hustle/grind/go mode is not conducive for productivity. 

Here’s why:

As visionary women, we know exactly what we need. 

We know the rhythms that feel wholesome, 

embodied, and directed in our work. 

It is so important to become in tune with our most feminine self. This is the self that doesn’t overthink or try to run at a pace that she knows isn’t sustainable. This is the self that seeks balance.

Burnout is often evidence of a major imbalance within our lives. Many of us find ourselves going without giving ourselves the space, the patience, or resources we need to put our best and most natural efforts into our work. You know the analogy of putting on an oxygen mask before helping someone else? We need to be giving ourselves the right resources before we can perform and put our work into the world. 

Balance is responsible. Balance is necessary. 

Our individual rhythms carry us through our work with ease. I have a rhythm that begins with movement. Starting my day out with yoga, exercise, or walking helps me think and feel through my day. It gives me the ability to feel through what the right moves are when it comes time to make decisions, have conversations, and create. If I’m overthinking, I might stumble. 

To find your unique rhythm, I want to encourage you to ask yourself:

  • What grounds me? 
  • Do my relationships ground me?
  • Does movement ground me? 

Believe that you have the answers for yourself. If you are crying out for healthier food, for more movement, for more time with friends, you should build this into your calendar.

And guess what?

Your productivity will not suffer, it will grow. Because you’re going to find yourself in a more balanced state, you’re going to find yourself more receptive to your instincts, to visionary ideas. This is how it works, and how we work as visionary women. 

The feminine paradigm of productivity is based on feeling, it is based on heart. It’s based on not burning out. Finding ease in productivity is about using our time wisely and making that time as powerful as possible with the tools that we shape around ourselves. 

If you feel burnt out and you feel there is no other way of doing things, I want you to know that there is. We have an innate rhythm with nature and with our bodies to be our most productive selves. 

For more support in finding your rhythm, finding a feminine version of productivity and to book a call with me to explore your goals, check out the mentorship page.