Over the past several years, we have gathered our community in person for our LIVE podcast events, networking and wellness events, and we are so proud of the connections and inspiration that came from those gatherings.

Now, we are hosting virtual conversations, podcast recordings, and moments to connect because we know that our commitment to gathering and connecting needs to continue!

Stay tuned for our upcoming virtual events covering relevant topics like discovering entrepreneurship and brand building, pivoting your business during Covid, exploring our relationships, health and wellness, and more.

You may purchase access to any past virtual events and enjoy the replay as well as our one sheet of resources. A portion of the proceeds goes to non-profits we love and support. More details within each event link.


May 31, 2020 7:00 pm

The Going Beyond Podcast Presents: How to Be With (and Befriend) A New Normal During Covid-19

In honor of our popular mini-series and the needs of our listeners, we are hosting a LIVE virtual event, a conversation between Randi Zinn (our podcast host), Lia Avellino (relational psychotherapist and director of head and heart at The Well) and Kristin Miscall ( Psychotherapist and leader of the Undoing Whiteness and Oppression Dharma Group at the Brooklyn Zen Center), two of our most popular podcast guests to contemplate and interact IRL with our attendees on the top of a “New-Nomal”- what is it?

July 26, 2020 7:00 pm

The Going Beyond Podcast Presents: Welcoming and Exploring the Power of Cross Racial Friendships in 2020

Join Randi Zinn and this powerful circle of women who have devoted their lives to understanding and connection of people, and immerse yourself in everything you want to know about being in a relationship with people of other races and backgrounds. No question is off-limits. No concern is invalid. Come with an open mind and heart. Be prepared to get uncomfortable and to stay put anyway.