What To Do When You’re Ready To Throw In The Towel- Reconnecting With Your WHY As An Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, solo-prenuer, business owner, or certified #girlboss, we inevitably will have moments when we feel like throwing in the towel and quitting. Let me assure you, this is normal. Our journeys come along with many ups and downs. It’s emotional and personal when we’re building something from the ground up and it can be easy to question whether it’s all worth it.

So what do we do when this happens? When we lose track of our WHY and feel like quitting it’s important to take inventory of these feelings. 

  • First, ask yourself, how am I doing? Feeling disconnected from our work often stems from feeling disconnected from ourselves. Contrary to what most people might think, the best thing to do when you are struggling is to actually put the work down and take time with yourself. Go on a hike, do yoga, spend time with your loved ones. It might even be necessary to take a few days away from your work if you’re feeling really disconnected and discouraged. 

Often times we need that break and that space for our creativity to start flowing back in, 

and it’s not until we take a step back and give ourselves time that the productive energy starts to return. 

A great illustration of this concept is when we lose something, a piece of jewelry or a child’s favorite toy. When we lose something that we need or is important to us, we stress ourselves out so much trying to find it again that we end up looking in the same places over and over. Most of the time it’s not until we stop searching that suddenly it will reappear, seemingly out of nowhere.

It’s the same thing with our feeling of flow and connection to our work. Our brains and bodies do not perform well under constant (and often self-imposed) pressure and stress. When we relax and take time to refill our cup, we are leaving room for what is important to come back to us. 

  • Give yourself a chance to come back to your why. After you’re able to spend some time with yourself. Think about your work. Why does this matter to you? Why did you do this in the first place?

I had a client with this exact dilemma very recently. She was feeling disconnected from the heart and soul of her business so we went back into her past and dug into her WHY. She is an entrepreneur that serves people through food, recipes, and organization, so we took the time to explore why she got started. We talked about why the food, recipes, and bringing family together mattered so much to her that she would actually build a business around it.

Needless to say, this exploration has been nothing short of transformational for her. The beautiful connection she re-established with her WHY has overflowed into her videos, her social media posts, and even in the things she is going to build next. 

Sometimes we need to go back and rewind to what we know to be true. It’s easy to underplay the importance of the connection to our why, especially when we’re overwhelmed and consumed with what’s happening all around us in the moment. But going back to what brought us here in the first place is crucial. 

  • Grab your journal. Having an “everything place” to drop your memories, your thoughts, your struggles, your to-dos, and your whys is an essential strategy to process these frustrations and keep ourselves held together. I always recommend an everything journal to every creator, ideator, and entrepreneur so that they can release their thoughts onto paper. 

These feelings of frustration and confusion are totally normal- they will happen on your journey of creating and flourishing. Just remember that your why is easily accessible if you take a moment to remember and reconnect with it!

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